Submitted presentations

  1. Master-class: Analytics for designers
    Pavel Burtsev
  2. Enterprise UX: When business is your user
    Yana Kuligina
  3. How we reinvented document editor interface (in Russian)
    Sheila Sheikh, Kirill Ulitin
  4. What to do when you lack researchers and overwhelmed with questions and ideas (in Russian)
    Olga Rzhanova
  5. Avito Messenger platform as a product (in Russian)
    Dmitry Sergutov
  6. CJM as Cargo Cult (in Russian)
    Valeriya Kurmak
  7. Workshop: UX Leadership. Unfolding your story.
    Paula Mariani
  8. Why guidelines are not a panacea? Researcher’s view (in Russian)
    Konstantin Efimov
  9. Designing features in complex products (in Russian)
    Alexei Sorokin
  10. Figma: full cycle of UX-prototyping for teams. Master-class (in Russian)
    Anton Illarionov
  11. Urban studies and UX (in Russian)
    Boris Yusenkov
  12. Master-class: How to use Python for feedback gathering and analysis (in Russian)
    Kirill Ulitin
  13. How to prepare and conduct UX research of users with disabilities (in Russian)
    Ellie Ponomareva
  14. A way to personalizing content (in Russian)
    Oleg Bukhtiyar
  15. Designing good interfaces in bad conditions (in Russian)
    Inna Kazhanova
  16. System Analysis Practices in UX Designer work (in Russian)
    Konstantin Valeev
  17. Conducting remote UX tests on Yandex.Toloka (in Russian)
    Dmitry Brazhenko
  18. How to process errors and special work modes in interfaces (in Russian)
    Nikita Zherebtsov
  19. Changing the future of E-commerce. Designing for people, not conversion (in English)
    Constantine Gavrykov
  20. How to find people for UX-research activities (in Russian). Master-class
    Natalya Chebykina
  21. Blank Screens and Muse’s Kisses (in English)
    Lutz Schmitt
  22. Magic Moments – a masterclass on creativity and ideation (in English)
    Lutz Schmitt
  23. Estimating and organizing design works (in Russian)
    Dmitry Podluzhny
  24. Writing for non-native speakers
    Tatyana Fokina
  25. Service Design for Social Innovation in Uganda (in English)
    Valentina Salvi
  26. Antimanipulation. How to make sure your questions are right. (in Russian)
    Anastasia Khapalova
  27. UX Monitoring (in Russian)
    Diana Weinberg
  28. Making Norman’s Stools at Selectel (in Russian)
    Katya Levitina
  29. The ugly UX duckling (in English)
    Anna Bek
  30. Competence matrix for design team (in Russian)
    Anton Dukanich
  31. Design Leadership (in English)
    Paula Mariani
  32. UX in HR. How a single UXer made life better for other employees (in Russian)
    Elena Reshedko
  33. Developing UX for online dressing rooms (in Russian)
    Olga Chudinova
  34. The role of the mobile app in the new physical market place (in English)
    Brock Dubbels
  35. Online course: Master surveys, discussion guides for interviews, and product journey mapping (in English)
    Brock Dubbels
  36. Scientific Approach to Design (in Russian)
    Anna Kanunikova
  37. Design System for CRM with ‘white label’ logic (in Russian)
    Katerina Libikh
  38. Analytics for designers (in Russian)
    Pavel Burtsev


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