Workshop: UX Leadership. Unfolding your story.

  — recommended for senior UX and UX Leads


Sunday, 1st of March, 12:00-15:00
Duration: 3 hours
In English without translation
Separate registration is required. Proceed to registration

Beyond information and pieces of advice, I’d like to showcase practices that helped me build leadership qualities. 

Image taken from Paula’s Instagram account: @tobeeradiant

A few key points:

  • Leading a team as a personal development journey.
  • How to use UX methods to develop yourself and your team.
  • Critical challenges for a design leader.

I consider being a team leader a personal development journey. I found myself leading out of the blue, from one day to the next. Being a leader both challenged me and gave me the best moments in my life.

Over the past years, I put together a few tools that helped me overcome different situations I experienced while leading teams. In my workshops I integrate breathing, meditation, and UX methodologies towards self-development.

I invite you to participate in the first workshop of a series of four: Unfolding your story.

What will I get out of it?

  • How to use UX methods to develop yourself and your team.
  • A framework to connect personal and business goals.
  • A workbook.

Аll people attending will have access to 30min remote 1-1 coaching session with me after the workshop.

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