Please note that most talks will be presented in Russian language without translation.

Prices and discounts

Main conference day (February, 29) Tickets available: 157
Conference participation 9800 RUB
Conference participation for students, postgraduates, teachers 2940 RUB

Contact the Organizing Committee ( to obtain the applicable promocode.

  • Three or more tickets for main day — 5% discount (will apply automatically if you choose 3 or more tickets);
  • RUSSOFT member companies — 10% discount.
Additional workshops
1st of March (Sunday)
Until February 15th while tickets last (15 tickets) Final price (5 tickets)
Brock Dubbels: Master surveys, discussion guides for interviews, and product journey mapping 9500 RUB 12500 RUB
Lutz Schmitt. Magic moments. A master-class on creativity and ideation 7500 RUB 9800 RUB
Anton Illarionov. Master-class: Figma: full cycle of UX-prototyping for teams (in Russian) 6500 RUB 8500 RUB
Paula Mariani UX Leadership. Unfolding your story. 5000 RUB 7000 RUB


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