The ugly UX duckling (in English)

  — recommended for senior UX and UX Leads


The presentation is targeted at UX Leads, UX managers, Senior UX Designers.

When the UX is new for an organisation, it is a very challenging time. Setting up the right foundation and being a UX advocate can sometimes be so frustrating. My talk is about the transformation of the UX process into the UX culture.

Before you actually start focusing on the user, there are so many challenges to work through. It is difficult to even know where to start. The thinking is that if UX has been brought on board then the product as a priori and already has the best User Experience. Customers demanding changes, management pushing for deadlines, product owners and business analysts giving you solutions to draw, developers are pushing back on your designs. Everyone thinks that they already understand UX, and you are kind the same as UI, but better. This lack of awareness can cost an organisation a lot.

I will talk about how to tell the “UX Story”. How we can change the unhelpful mindset of, “I just like this more” to be more considerate of our users. Where you should do compromise and where you should insist. And how to turn UX from the ugly duckling into a beautiful swan of your organisation.

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